Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Advice Break...

Try to enjoy your Wednesday in peace, kids!!

So, once again it's Valentine's Day. Please enjoy my hand-crafted Valentine, just for you, my favorite readers. And then, go do whatever you have to to get through this anti-single, despicable excuse for a holiday. As for me, I'll be spending my day doing any number of the following: shouting obscenities at VDay themed television shows, movies, or commercials, eating my bodyweight in pity candy from my father and these delicious treats that my siblings force our mother to make whenever we possibly can, and watching non-romantic DVDs, such as School of Rock and Jackass: The Movie.

See you all on Thursday!


Ace Crikey said...

Bitter is better ...

Happy VD to 1 an' all!!!

My Blackheart'd Valentine

My Deepest Darkest, Blackheart'd Valentine
She like it bess when the sun don't shine
Grey-green clouds hanging low and thick
Bring out the bess in that Blackheart gal o'mine

She been done wrong so many, many time
She all thru now with playin' any game
I try for her to truss me an see my trooth
An' she jess get scare't, like I done 'er a crime

Oh! What I to do! Oh black-hearted 'tine?
T' break thru the crust, t'keep you from beein' mine?
I un'erstan' you at your blackess' low
I hol'd you for hours n' hours, cryin', cryin' cryin'

T' break thru may be a futile way t' go
So to be trooly wit'h you, I juss let you go
Be dark. Be black. That heart of yours still beats
An' ev'n af'er your red blood stop flowin', I'll still love you so

My Blackhearted Valentine
On woe and pity does you dine.
Juss get awff dat horse of yerz
An' let yer True Self shine!

Ace Crikey
of Blackhearted Cupid

Chuckles said...

How come no-body ever rites in ex'cept me?

I mean WTF!!!!

Brie said...

nice. I love the bitter.