Monday, August 12, 2013

Dear Optimist...

Dear Bitter Amanda,

Facebook has now opened my eyes to what my friends are thinking and feeling, and as I read my friends post I’m noticing a trend. Someone is always whining about being single! So I started to think back to all the different groups of friends throughout my life and it’s true. Every group I’ve been apart of always has that one person who was never happy and always complained about being single. Who is always searching, always sighing always longing more for. I get it, it sucks! The dating world is a cruel place, but come on, we are all single that’s why we hang out all the time! I feel your pain, I truly do but I can’t take your complaining any more! Amanda, how do I make my friends shut up already? Can’t they see there bad vibes could be the reason they are still single? I love my friends but does there have to be one in every group?

Yours truly,
Frustrated by friends

Dear Optimist,
...Is this an intervention? Did you guys all get together to send this? 

No, that can't be right. I complain about men being idiots and couples being obnoxious...not about being single. 

You can't make them stop. There will always be that friend who complains about something. If she gets married, she'll find something new to complain about--the topic doesn't really matter. If she starts dating it might be her job. If she gets promoted it'll be her apartment. If that changes, she'll have family get what I'm saying. Some people just like to whine about their lives. (Tell her to start a blog! I've found that to be a useful vessel for complaining.) 

Seriously, this isn't from my friends, is it? 
Solitarily yours,
Bitter Amanda