Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dear Are You Serious...

So here's The Situation. No, not that jersey shore douchebag.

I have a married friend -we had a mutual thing for each other. But I told her nothing would happen while she was still married, shes still married, and we're just friends. Let's call her Cleopatra.

My current girlfriend, we will call her Medusa, knows our history. So I asked if it would be ok to have lunch with Cleo. She said she wasn't happy about it, but it wasn't her place to tell me not to, and to have lunch. So... I did.

Now Medusa's all pissed! WTF?! She said to go ahead and have lunch, she knows we're just friends, why is she mad?


Dear Are You Serious,
Please tell me you're joking. You must have some clue why she's pissed. 

Are you familiar with mythology? I mean, you must have some idea, as you've referred to your girlfriend as Medusa. Just in case...Medusa was pretty scary. Looking directly at her turned one to stone. She was hideous. In some versions, she's beautiful but still terrifying. And...that's the name you're choosing for your girlfriend. 
As for Cleopatra...culturally, she's this super hot and powerful woman who could get with anyone she wanted. Aaaaand....that's your "friend" in this scenario. Right. 

You're not just friends. I know it and Medusa knows it. (I would be mad too.) I have no idea if Cleopatra knows it. You know it but you're trying to convince everyone otherwise. Stop lying to yourself and face the real problem here. 
Solitarily yours,
Bitter Amanda