Sunday, April 03, 2011

Dear Dazed...

Is the following a compliment, or should I be offended? "I kinda want to see you when you're 50. You're so pretty now... who knows what can go wrong before then!"

-slightly confused

Dear Dazed,
...What? baffling. I about mixed messages. Let's break it down.
I kinda want to see you when you're 50. This could be "I am letting you know that in 20-some years I would still like to look at your face" in which case that's nice. Odd way of phrasing it, but nice. You're so pretty now... hey now, that's better! Pretty is a very straightforward word. who knows what can go wrong before then! Wait, what? I do not understand.
It comes down to who delivered this remark. A passive-aggressive aunt, speaking to a lifestyle she doesn't approve of with a thin smile on her face? Take offense. Then tell her she'll probably be dead by then. An ex? Take offense and then be glad he's gone. However, I suspect that it's neither of these. I imagine that it's a boy you may or may not be interested in. Who may or may not be interested in you. But those are two pretty important factors. Do you or don't you? Does he or doesn't he?
I'll tell you one thing--it doesn't matter. Because until a man can deliver a straight up compliment, he hasn't figured his shit out and he'll continue to hand out bizarre half-compliments masked in a veil of snark. Trying out some nonsense douchebag-endorsed dating advice, no doubt.
Ladies, do not accept a compliment unless you're positive it's meant as one.
Solitarily yours,
Bitter Amanda

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