Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dear Miss Cleo...

Bitter Amanda,
I have two friends who plan on moving in together. The one who is buying the house is madly in love with the other one - who is totally a leach and just looking for someone to pay all the bills. And probably do all the housework. I can totally forsee the following conversation: "I know I broke the fridge, but its not my house. You buy a new one, I'm not doing it.Its your fridge."
Basically, its going to be a trainwreck. I think lovesick girl is too infatuated to see that she will be taken advantage of. Do I warn her? I don't think she'd listen. She'd probably be mad I'm speaking poorly of her crush, and then rat me out.
What should I do?

Dear Miss Cleo, 
I know your train wreck friend. I mean, I don't know this one in particular, but we all have a Train Wreck Friend. The one constantly making bad choices but unable to understand the severity of them until it's too late. The one you try to warn, try to reason no avail. (...I actually might also BE that friend.) She's a great friend, always good for a story or two. But have you ever seen that friend listen to your observations and say, "Hey, that's a great point. This IS going to blow up in my face...maybe I'll get out before it's too late!" 

No. No, you have not. Because Train Wreck Friend does not listen. TWF makes her own mistakes and does it over and over again. TWF might learn one day, but we don't hold our breath and wait for that. 

Don't do it. Resist the urge! You said yourself, she won't listen and she'll get mad. And when she tells the other friend what you said, both of them will be pissed at you. Actually, that might bring them closer together, having a unified cause. Couples get so much more annoying after they've bonded over something like that. For the sake of everyone around them, stay out of it. 
Solitarily yours,
Bitter Amanda

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