Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Dear Jumpsuit Barbie...

Dear Bitter Amanda, 

I just got spam from a designer clothes outlet informing me that jumpsuits are a fashionable trend on the horizon. IN WHAT UNIVERSE?!? 

Enraged Fashionista

Dear Jumpsuit Barbie,

Not even worried. It was in your spam folder, right? Have you ever read any of those messages? They're full of random words and phrases in hopes that something will seem legit and trick you into opening it. It honestly looks like two toddlers had a conversation in another language, while another toddler took the minutes, then popped it into google translate. 

There's a reason this email went to your spam folder. It's nonsense. Rest easy, fashionista. 

HOWEVER, on the off chance that this email is legit and jumpsuits are trending...well, I consider my onesie a jumpsuit. Fashion trend for spring: comfort

Solitarily yours,
Bitter Amanda

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