Sunday, June 24, 2007

Dear Wolfgang...

Dear Bitter Amanda,

Ok, serious question, Miss Bitters:

Why is it that when a girl re-acquires a single status, everyone and her mother thinks she wants to be set up on a blind date?

Personally, I'm enjoying the me-by-myself time (finally!) and I don't really want to spoil it by getting un-single again. And yes, all the people who offer up their single friends to me happen to be coupled for life already. And yes, the goal of their evil blind date plot is to make me coupled for life as well.

What gives?

-Lone Wolf, Going It Alone (And Liking It!)

Dear Wolfgang,
Well done you, for recognizing the coupling plot! That's really the issue here; that couples don't like to see friends who are single and having more fun. It's a jealousy issue. I mean, you have got it really good right now. You can talk to anyone you want without someone getting jealous and territorial. You never have to worry that your date is going to wear something hideous and you'll have to dress him (ok, or her, but let's be honest) like he's a toddler! Major holidays? You don't have to divvy those up between two families. Your life is pretty great.
They're probably thinking more about themselves here. If they find you a mate, maybe you'll stop having cocktail parties to which no one is allowed to bring a date. Maybe they can bring the boyfriend/girlfriend to social outings without you being rude! Perhaps they can finally invite you to their secret couple dinner parties without you making gagging noises all evening because you're the odd numbered guest.

...I'm not saying I've had any personal experience with that. I'm just saying that might be what they're thinking. That's all. Ignore them, though. You just keep enjoying your single life, princess.
Solitarily yours,
Bitter Amanda

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