Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dear Chesty...

Dear Bitter Amanda,
This is not a common problem, and most women would not be complaining, but my breasts recently got noticeably bigger! I was put on the Pill, not because of sexual activity (unfortunately), and ever since, my boobs just inflated!! However, I'm not really sure what to do with them? It's actually quite awkward. Help?!

Dear Chesty,
When I first read your letter, I was going to tell you to stop bragging. But it felt wrong. Because what you're going through is a pain in the ass. I dealt with that a couple years ago, when my friends told me that there was "no way possible" I was the size I claimed. (Thanks for that.) Replacing bras is expensive! That's the most obnoxious problem. You can't exactly trade them all in--though how amazing would that program be? I haven't quite hammered all the details out just yet--but one day, kids. One day.
Until I come up with that Bra Exchange Extravaganza, all I can tell you is use what you've got. Show the girls off (tastefully, Britney...) and try and score some free drinks or something! I hear breasts can be powerful in that way. Men are pigs. Take advantage of that!
Solitarily yours,
Bitter Amanda


Anonymous said...

That bra exchange program is an EXCELLENT idea. Once that gets implemented, it will pave the way for my Monthly Compensation Plan, where every male in a 10 mile radius must give you a nickel once a month to compensate for that other pesky and expensive monthly visitor.

Now, all we need is a female president...

Amanda said...

Anonymous, I am so ok with that plan. If I had any power at all, that's the kind of thing I'd use it for.

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