Thursday, June 07, 2007

Dear Highlights...

Dear Bitter Amanda,
Recently my choice of reading materials have been reduced to trashy romance novels and my favorite activity is highlighting pages with sex in them. Is this wrong? Should I be ashamed or can I continue to enjoy phrases such as “turgid nipple” and “letting the quick release pour through her like liquid fire” without fear of moral damnation? Is it wrong to live my life through gorgeous computer hackers and slick F.B.I. agents and stunning lounge singers and private investigators? Please help me!
Faithfully yours,
Hopelessly literate

Dear Highlights,
Moral damnation? Do I strike you as the kind of lady who worries about moral damnation? No. I guess I should make one thing clear for everyone: Bitter Amanda is not anti-sex. If you like to get your fill of all things sexual through books, then go to it. I'm also pro-reading, so I guess this is something I should endorse. At least the men in those books aren't complete let-downs, unlike the men in real life. Who are generally known to be assface losers.
As a sidenote, though, I should point out that boasting about your books might be a bad idea. Just's kind of pathetic.
Solitarily yours,
Bitter Amanda

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