Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Dear Brownie...

Dear Bitter Amanda,
I really want to find the stupid factory and burn it down. You know, the one where boys are made. I really want to do my part in saving the world from further pain and bitterness. What should I do? And where can I find this stupid goddamn factory?
always a fan,
Brownie Gone Bad

Dear Brownie,
Ahh, yes. The infamous Stupid Factory. The Death Star for Y chromosomes, if you will. The epicenter of their evil empire. Here's the thing about the Death Star: they rebuilt it. Even blowing it up didn't work! They'll still be around even if they have no home base. And much like the HQ of any decent evil operation, the location is a mystery. There's probably a secret handshake involved.
If you got rid of the Stupid Factory, how would you feel? Would you miss boys? Would you be able to live with the guilt? You have to search your soul for the answers here--I think you'll find that you don't really want boys gone. You just want someone nice and caring who will change your mind about men.

Wow, I almost couldn't get through all that without laughing! HAHA search your soul. Good one. Really, because of legal whatnot, I can't encourage arson. Sorry.
Solitarily yours,
Bitter Amanda

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